Yoghurt is one of the best-known fermented milk products. It was already eaten in the ancient world by the Arab nations and throughout the Middle East, to central Asia and southern Europe. Some claim it is beneficial for a long and healthy life. Our yoghurt is made from a live probiotic culture. No preservatives are added and the consistency varies, depending on the goats’ grazing possibilities throughout the seasons.


Ricotta quite simply means ‘recooked’ in Italian. This fresh cheese is made from whey. (When cheese is made, the coagulated milk separates into a solid component known as curd, and a liquid component known as whey.) The fat content in ricotta is minimal. It is a great product to add to savoury as well as dessert dishes, as it does not have a pronounced flavour, but is delicate and delicious.


Kefir is a fermented milk drink that originated in the Caucasus region. It is a cultured, enzyme-rich food, filled with friendly micro-organisms that help stimulate the immune system and enhance lactose digestion. Our kefir is mild, not fizzy, and is very popular.


Grison is an Italian-style hard cheese with an elastic texture when young. When it has reached maturity, it becomes firm and crumbly, with a unique aftertaste. It is excellent when grated over pasta and risottos, or shaved onto a salad.


Halloumi was originally from Cyprus. It is the only fresh cheese that does not melt when heated, thanks to its hard and dense texture. Our halloumi is not too salty, and is best prepared when taken out of the fridge, cut into thick slices, and fried in a pan.

La Punt

Our cheddar-style cheese that has the classic characteristic of a dry texture with a savoury flavour. Traditionally, cheddar cheese originates from the English village, Cheddar, in Somerset, and is made from cow’s milk.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a mild, fresh cheese product that is drained, not pressed like other cheeses. Our cottage cheese is one of our most popular products. It is smooth and creamy. No salt is added and it can be kept frozen.


Chèvre is the French word for goat. This fresh cheese is produced in rolls, plain or coated with different herbs and spices. This cheese is mild and creamy in texture, and makes an attractive addition to the cheese board.


Our gouda-style cheese that has a rich, sweet, fruity taste and is very creamy. Gouda, being a Dutch cheese, is one of the best-loved cheeses all over the world. The process, known as washing the curd, produces a sweeter, mellower, and slightly more elastic cheese.


In Greece, feta was traditionally made from sheep or goat milk. Our feta is soft and crumbly, not too salty, with a creamy consistency and just a hint of goat.

raw milk

Our full cream goat milk is bottled straight after milking, and frozen to lock in all the health aspects. It is sold frozen and unpasteurised.

Please note that all our goat milk products are made from pasteurised milk and are free from preservatives.

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